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For more than a decade PREH has been delivering cutting-edge cooling systems to customers from a wide variety of industries.

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From medical practices and MRI machines to dozens of other commercial and industrial applications, PREH design and install innovative technologies and cooling solutions for the future.

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We remain at the forefront of the industry, creating new technologies that allow us to provide bespoke, innovative solutions and stay ahead of the competition.

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brisbane data centre: data centre

0% energy saving for Brisbane healthcare provider.


PREH designed, engineered and installed a complete turn key data centre solution, within three months. This included: data racks, in-row coolers, a cooling system, electrical services, UPS, fire system and sprinkler modifications.


Brisbane Data Centre is an international healthcare company focused on delivering quality, independent services in medical diagnostics and multidisciplinary medical practices. Employing 31,000 people around Australia, Brisbane Data Centre offers services including: Laboratory medicine/pathology, radiology, general practice, occupational medical services, clinical trials and food and water testing.


Various efficiency measures were incorporated, including a hot aisle containment system to reduce energy usage, a free cooling option to the chiller system (to generate around 25% free cooling during the cooler periods) and a two zone, Vesda Fire monitoring system. The entire cooling solution was covered by a 7 year comprehensive maintenance regime, with guaranteed 2hrs response time - facilitating maximum up time.
During the last winter period, the data centre chillers were running 75% of the time on free cooling only, which reduced the client's power bill by 30%.

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