Extensive development and testing has led to PREH’s industry-leading MRI cooling solutions becoming a staple among hospitals and medical practices.

Our Services

From medical practices and MRI machines to dozens of other commercial and industrial applications, PREH design and install innovative technologies and cooling solutions for the future.

Our Work

We remain at the forefront of the industry, creating new technologies that allow us to provide bespoke, innovative solutions and stay ahead of the competition.

Our Vision

We provide the best service in the industry by holding ourselves to the highest standards. We always strive to think outside the box and develop new solutions that raise the bar.

Our MRI Cooling Solutions

MRI machines are a vital piece of diagnostic equipment. The imaging process is complex, and it makes use of electromagnets that draw large amounts of power while operating. Combined with the need to service dozens or hundreds of patients per day, the heat in MRI machines demands a powerful and reliable cooling solution.

Maximising the uptime of your MRI machines means better patient care and reduced costs. Pairing your machines with the industry-leading cooling solutions that PREH provides is the best way to keep equipment functioning when the pressure is on. Our MRI coolers have been extensively developed and tested in real world applications to ensure they stand up to the hardest use. Our solutions use high quality components and include extensive redundancy that keeps machines running during failures or regular servicing.

Whatever you need, our team will work to develop a custom solution that caters to your clinic, MRI equipment and patient load. Combined with our maintenance programs and 24/7 Breakdown Service, our holistic solutions will look after your business so you can focus on your patients.

What Sets Us Apart

PREH provides the best service in the industry, and we do it by holding ourselves to the highest standard. When working with us on your next project you can trust our team to embody these core principles and deliver results that raise the bar.

  • Our Mission #1

We are always striving to be the best. Believe in yourself and the team. Rise to challenges. Stand out from the rest. Be the best.

  • Mission Impossible

We do the stuff that's too hard.  We Work Together as a team to overcome challenges. Ask for help if you need to. We respond quickly. Take ownership. Make it happen. 

  • Mission Innovation

We think outside the square and develop new solutions. Think about tomorrow. Don't be afraid to share your ideas. Stand up and be heard. Keep learning and developing. Raise the bar. 

  • Mission Customer 

Our Customers depend and rely on us to deliver. Listen to the customers and understand the business environment. Communicate with confidence and put the customer at ease. Understand customer problems and find a solution. Make their day. 

  • Mission Perfection

On mission critical, quality counts. Know before you do. Do it once, do it properly. Always be safe. Strive for perfection. Be proud when we achieve it. Our work is out art.  

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