International Paper Mill: Industrial Cooling

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international paper mill: industrial cooling

Zero downtime in transitioning from DX to Chilled Water, for leading Paper Mill.


When this Brisbane Paper Mill approached PREH to convert their main plant cooling from Direct Expansion (DX) to Chilled Water Cooling, the team knew the transition would need to be carefully and strategically planned to ensure production was not compromised in any way.


The International Paper Mill prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology and innovation for their industry. The client continually investigates new technology platforms across their manufacturing footprint and beyond, requiring reliable cooling solutions.


The main plant cooling’s transition from DX to Chilled Water was progressively implemented over 5 years, as the DX systems went offline or failed. The installation was achieved through strategic planning and careful scheduling, to ensure no downtime was caused to the company’s multi-million dollar activities.
6 years on, the Chilled Water cooling system continues to generate significant savings in repair and maintenance and the client is extremely pleased.

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