Gympie Radiology: mRI Cooling

For more than a decade PREH has been delivering cutting-edge cooling systems to customers from a wide variety of industries.

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From medical practices and MRI machines to dozens of other commercial and industrial applications, PREH design and install innovative technologies and cooling solutions for the future.

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gympie radiology: mri cooling

“PREH's cooling solution was a natural fit for the patient-focused approach of Gympie Radiology"


The client asked PREH to design, supply and install a complete cooling and exhaust system for their new MRI Examination and Equipment rooms


Gympie Radiology provides local doctors and their patients with comprehensive imaging and specialised services across a wide range of modalities.

In 2015, their commitment to offering the most advanced diagnostic technology saw them acquire and install a 3T GE Signa Pioneer. This machine represents the cutting edge in MRI imaging technology and was the first of its kind to be installed in Australia.


PREH designed a cooling system utilising two chillers. This configuration facilitates maximum up time for the MRI, allows for power saving when the MRI is not performing scans and ensures against downtime in the case of chiller failure.

The design also incorporated a single CRAC unit (Computer Room Air Conditioner), for controlling the humidity and temperature in the Examination and Equipment rooms.

This solution was a natural fit for the patient focused approach of the centre's radiologists and technicians, who are committed to providing patients with the highest standards of care in a comfortable environment.

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